Membership Benefits

Legislative Advocacy

  • Representation before the Legislature and Administration in Harrisburg and, when necessary, in Washington
  • Subscription to the electronic, bi-monthly legislative newsletter, the Legislative Locator
  • Participation in the Association’s Legal Defense Fund which assures that the interests of first class townships and all local governments are represented through amicus curiae briefs in court cases at the state level
  • Legislative Inquiry Services from qualified secretariat staff
  • Notification of proposed legislation that impacts townships through Policy Briefs and Policy Statements, designed to inform members of PSATC’s position in an effort to equip members for grassroots lobbying efforts


  • Access to qualified secretariat staff for Research Information regarding the First Class Township Code, Model Ordinances, municipal information on a variety of topics and municipal laws
  • The statewide PSATC Directory listing of elected and appointed officials in each first class township
  • The Municipal Reporter (published 6 times a year), an electronic magazine for municipalities featuring legislative updates, legal notes, etc.


  • Opportunity to participate in a statewide annual conference featuring exceptional educational workshops, exhibitors offering services and products, peer networking and opportunities to take part in the Association’s policy development process
  • Other training opportunities through The League
  • Opportunities to share concerns and problems with local colleagues through each of the Regional Associations – East, West and Central Associations

Why Join PSATC?

  • PSATC was founded in 1925 to support first class townships
  • PSATC has partnered with the PA Municipal League (The League) since 1983 
  • This partnership provides PSATC members with:
    • Advocacy
    • Representation on various state boards
    • Various publications including the Legislative Locator and Municipal Reporter
    • Training opportunities including the annual Capitol Conference and Municipal Leadership Summit
    • A research and inquiry service
    • Annual Executive Committee Lobby Day emphasizing PSATC’s Legislative Priorities
  • Advocacy Highlights:
    • Daily bill tracking and monitoring
    • Over the 2-year legislative session, well over 1,000 bills are tracked
    • Each Legislative Locator offers a timely suggestion for local advocacy to encourage ongoing communication between township officials and House and Senate members
    • Advocacy topics:
      • Local Use of Radar
      • Right-To-Know Law
      • Advertising Modernization
      • State Preemption of Local Decision-making
      • Uniform Construction Code
      • Municipalities Planning Code
      • Blight Prevention and Remediation
      • Municipal Fiscal Health
      • Wireless Infrastructure
      • Support for Volunteer Fire and EMS
      • Act 111 Collective Bargaining
      • Consumer Fireworks